APCC alleges fund misuse; Taga denies allegation

ITANAGAR, Sep 14: The Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) has alleged that a huge chunk of government welfare fund has been siphoned off by the kin and kith of Power Minister Tamiyo Taga in Rumgong area in Siang district.
Claiming that most of the sanctioned projects had not been tendered, the APCC said “many of the SPA and SIDF projects had been allotted to the son of local MLA (Taga) of Rumgong assembly constituency without tendering process, which is a gross violation of the government of India guidelines.”
Guidelines were also violated in the selection of one of the schemes as private land was selected for its implementation, the APCC alleged.
It said “the dissolved panchayat members and public of Rumgong area had approached the government many a time, but no action has been taken.”
The party said the aggrieved people took the path of agitation also, demanding formation of an investigation committee to “dig out the hidden, mischievous and dubious deeds done by the contractor with the support of executing department at the behest of the local MLA, who is also the power minister.”
Taga himself has dismissed the allegation.
Speaking to this daily, the minister said, “All the projects in my constituency are implemented after following codal formalities, including by conducting tender. In the tender process, whoever wins the bid carries out the work, and therefore allegation of me indulging in favouritism holds no water.”
He added: “The Congress should check whether work is being done or not. Who got the tender should not be an issue. The concern should be whether the schemes are properly implemented, and I can vouch that in my constituency all the projects are properly implemented.”
He termed the allegation “not only political in nature but personal.”