Release marks

Dear Editor,
I would like to ask the APPSC commission to give us our mark statement of the preliminary exam 2018. And commission should give us our mark statement to clear our doubts whether the commission has selected the candidates fairly and on merit basis.
Secondly, to justify our doubts, whether the compensatory marks has been distributed equally and fairly to all optional subjects.
Thirdly, to know our mistakes, so that we could judge ourselves and won’t make mistake on upcoming similar exams.
Fourthly, to come out clean as APPSC commission has already been on negative limelight for wrong reasons on several occasions.
Last and the most important is that since preliminary exam of APPSC is just a screening test which is conducted to deduct the surplus number of candidates to a certain ratio (1:10) and the marks scored here is final and is not accounted into the Mains Paper and Viva -Voice.
So I think we have the every right to know our marks scored. Hence, I request the APPSC Commission to deliver us our marks statement.
Aggrieved Candidate