Cut in fuel prices a pre-election gimmick: APCC

ITANAGAR, Oct 6: The Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) has described the BJP government’s move of cutting fuel prices by Rs 5 ‘in public interest’ as a “pre-election gimmick.”
The party expressed doubt if the reduction in the fuel prices would last beyond the assembly elections in December in some of the states.
In a press statement, the APCC said the Narendra Modi-led BJP government was looting the common people by making statements like “the prices of domestic petrol and diesel are beyond the control of the government” and that the fluctuation depended on the prices of crude oil in the international market.
The APCC claimed that the prices of domestic diesel and petrol should be Rs 25-30 less than the existing prices, based on the current international crude oil rate.
“In fact, mere reduction of Rs 5 is an economic violence to overawe the people of India. Such anti-people political party is destined to vanish in thin air,” said APCC spokesperson Mina Toko.
“Social democracy will come in true sense when the name of BJP will be erased from the pages of politics in India,” added the party spokesperson.