AAPSU resents PRC announcement, urges govt to exercise caution

ITANAGAR, Dec 9: The All Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Union (AAPSU) has expressed discontentment at the recent announcement by the state government regarding the issuance of PRCs to six non-APST communities of Namsai district while the joint high-power committee (JHPC) report on the issue yet to be finalized.
“Such statements on sensitive state subjects without collective opinions of all the stakeholders should not have been made in haste as it is greatly in contradiction to the authority of the JHPC,” the union stated in a release on Sunday.
It urged the state government and its representatives to “exercise utmost caution and refrain from politicking” until the finalization and publication of the JHPC report, and condemned “the political leaders who make this issue a political one for election politics.”
“It is astonishing to learn the state government is in a hurry in announcing New Year sops even without the concern of the JHPC on PRC,” AAPSU president Hawa Bagang said.
AAPSU general secretary Tobom Dai also strongly opposed the move to issue PRCs to the Gorkhas of Vijaynagar.
“The Gorkhas of Vijaynagar were brought in the state for a temporary settlement on lease for 30 years and the deed of agreement on lease will be over by 2020. Therefore, no inch of land can be allotted to these outsiders in the state,” he said.
The AAPSU further urged the state government to prepare a dossier before giving APST status to the Yobins.
Informing that the union had placed its opinions and listened to the views of all the stakeholders of the districts and the claims of the non-APSTs at two JHPC meetings, the AAPSU said “the previous JHPC under two different chairmanship of Jarbom Gamlin and Takam Sanjoy had submitted reports on the PRC issue, though such move had not been successful.”
It said the present JHPC was making “every effort to make a consensus and amicable solution for the interest of the state, particularly for Lekang circle.
“Any issue of PRC should be done only after proper demarcation of land and legislation in the state assembly,” the AAPSU said, adding that Arunachal Pradesh, being a constitutionally protected state, should take all measures before issuing PRCs to non-APSTs.
“Without proper approach, the issue of PRC may contradict with the BEFR 1873 enforced in the state,” it said.