Campaign for money-free election ends

ITANAGAR, Dec 10: The Apatani Youth Association (AYA) on Monday said the campaign for ‘money-free and fair election’ in Ziro-Hapoli constituency conducted by the association was well received and appreciated by one and all.
“The campaign concluded at Hong village on a positive note. All the village youth organizations, the GBs and the villagers have pledged to support the AYA’s endeavour,” it stated in a release.
Through the campaign the AYA sought to educate the people about the ill effects of involvement of money in elections, and urged them to find ways and means to stop the practice.
AYA president Habung Tamang informed that the association would also adopt measures such as stopping late night campaigns, erecting party banners, and opening offices of the contesting candidates.
“An MoU shall also be signed with all the intending candidates of Ziro-Hapoli constituency after convening a platform speech/debate,” he said.