Raj Bhavan organize health camp for students

ITANAGAR, Dec 12: Under the initiative of the Governor B D Mishra, a one-day health and hygiene session was conducted by the doctors of Raj Bhavan Dispensary in the Govt. Primary School, B-Sector, near Raj Bhavan here on Wednesday.
Dr. Jennifer Tayeng, Senior Medical Officer, educated the children on First Aid and how to manage cut injury, burns, swelling and bruises, nose bleeding, insect, dog, snakebites etc. Medical Officer Dr Gojum Karlo Karbak educated the students on the importance of personal hygiene and advised ways to maintain a healthy mind and body.
She also taught them about hand washing techniques.
Earlier, in order to improve the health and hygiene status of children in schools, the Governor and First Lady of the State, Neelam Misra had advised the officials of Governor Secretariat and medical officers of Raj Bhavan Dispensary to conduct the sessions with special emphasis on First Aid in the schools as the stepping stone towards ‘Healthy Arunachal’. (PRO to Governor)