Org urges govt to ensure right to equality

ITANAGAR, Dec 26: The Capital Complex Tribal Mishing Abar Welfare Society (CCTMAWS) has appealed to the state government to ensure that non-APST (Arunachal Pradesh Scheduled Tribe) women married to APST men are not deprived of their ‘right to equality’ in the state.
In a representation submitted to the chief secretary on Wednesday, the society said that non-APST women who are married to APST men are deprived of the benefits provided by the government in every district of the state, which is a ‘violation of the norms of the Indian Constitution.’
Claiming that every district administration is openly opposed to providing any benefit to non-APST women married to APSTs, such as ST certificate, voter rights, etc, the society urged the state government to look into the matter so that ‘right to equality’ of non-APST women married to APSTs is ensured in the state.