Org demands preservation of To:ti Dingkey

PASIGHAT, Dec 27: The Society for Preservation of Yapgong Heritage of Mariyang in Upper Siang district has demanded that the state government develop To:ti Dingkey as a tourist spot.
The society said on Thursday that developing the place would help them preserve their “mythological beliefs on invisible spirits.”
The locals (Adis) consider To:ti Díngke a holy place.
Oral history reveals that the ancestors of the local community had a fight with the invisible spirit Epom (spirit of jungles and hills) at the place after the spirit had abducted a member of the Da:min clan, whom the Epom later released.
The locals of Damroh have constituted a committee that will place before the state government its demand for developing the historical site.
The committee has moved local MLA Olom Panyang to take initiative for granting of fund under the tourism department to implement a scheme for preservation of the place and maintaining its sanctity.