Donyi-Polo Day celebrated with traditional zest

HOLLONGI, Dec 31: Donyi-Polo Day was celebrated at the Hollongi Nyedar Namlo by the followers with traditional zest and religious zeal.
The believers prayed for peace, harmony and preservation of traditional culture and practices.
Chairman of the Arunachal Singing Legends Foundation, Nyamo Doji, highlighted the importance of celebrating the day to strengthen the religious identity of the descendants of Abo Tani, and their faith in Donyi-Polo.
Doji, who also is the vice president of the Donyi-Polo Faith and Cultural Society of Arunachal Pradesh, appealed to the believers of Donyi-Poloism to maintain harmonious relationship with all the people living in Arunachal Pradesh, and to show respect for other’s religious beliefs.
Chairman of the Hollongi Nyedar Namlo, Taniang Lingi, also addressed the followers and others attending the celebration.
The programme was presided over by Donyi-Polo Faith and Cultural Society of Arunachal Pradesh general secretary Taniang Lingi.
Donyi-Polo Day was also celebrated in Kokila jointly by the Nyishi and Mikir indigenous tribes for the first time.
Believers from Balijan, Dubia, Rangajan, Hollongi and Kokila participated in the celebration.
Among others, Forest Ranger Techi Nobin attended the programme.