Research dept’s exhibition stall at IKBF inaugurated

KOLKATA, Feb 4: The exhibition stall of research publications hosted by the Arunachal Pradesh research directorate at the 43rd International Kolkata Book Fair (IKBF) here in West Bengal was inaugurated by Deputy Resident Commissioner (DRC) S Nath on Monday.
On the occasion, six books – Border Trades of Arunachal Pradesh, Understanding the Adis, Monasteries of Arunachal Pradesh, Relevance of Religion in Tribal society (The Adis), Tagin Proverbs and Sayings, and Jawaharlal Nehru State Museum – The Treasure House of Cultural Heritage (revised edition) – were released by eminent Bengali writer Miratun Nahar, in the presence of Aaj Kaal news editor Arup Basu.
In her address, Nahar lauded the research department and the Arunachal government for participating in book fairs to highlight the cultural heritage of the state’s ethnic people at international forums.
“I am really happy to see the dedicated research activities and the mechanism worked out to document the rich culture of the people,” she said.
The DRC in his address lauded the research department for participating in the IKBF consecutively since 2012 with the aim of showcasing Arunachal to the rest of the world.
“The participation in the book fair by the research department of the state will help to promote the state’s tourism sector,” he said.
Earlier, DRO Radhe Yampi and the members of the participating team made a brief presentation on the books released in the function. Yampi informed that the highest sold books are Understanding Arunachal Pradesh by RN Koley and Udita Surjer Deshe (Bengali) by RN Koley and S Chanda.
The exhibition put up by the research department under the theme ‘Ethnic ornaments of Arunachal Pradesh’ is reportedly attracting huge crowds.