Taxis, hotels instructed to acquire permits

ITANAGAR, Feb 4: Capital Complex District Transport Officer (DTO) C Wangsu informed that all the taxis plying in the capital complex will have to obtain either a tourist permit from the transport director or a local permit from the DTO.
This was decided in a meeting held in the office of the DTO on 31 January.
Wangsu also informed that all taxis will have to have number plates with yellow background and the registration number in black.
“Further, no government department, NGO, public sector, etc, should engage any vehicle on commercial/hire basis without valid permit for such purpose,” informed the DTO.
Hotels and restaurants in the capital complex have also been directed not to engage any vehicle for commercial or hiring purposes without valid permit.
Further, the president and secretary of the taxi union were directed to start an office “dedicated to cater to the needs of the passengers which shall function as single window for hiring taxis by the intending passengers,” informed the DTO.
He informed that ‘Taxi’ beacons on all the taxis would be introduced soon.
Deputy Commissioner Prince Dhawan meanwhile requested all the stakeholders to abide by the resolutions and cooperate with the administration in streamlining taxi operation in the capital.
He also directed the DTO to ensure implementation of all the resolutions by 28 February. (DIPRO)