Gov, CM extend Shapawng Yawng Manau Poi greetings

ITANAGAR, Feb 13: Governor BD Mishra and Chief Minister Pema Khandu have extended their warm greetings to the people of the state on the festive occasion of Shapawng Yawng Manau Poi, the annual ethno-cultural festival of the Singpho tribe.
In his message, the governor was hopeful that the folk dance festival will promote socio-cultural growth of every community of the state and help in the preservation of the state’s cultural heritage.
“Shapawng Yawng Manau Poi is rich in traditional expression and offers a window to ancient Singpho folklore. The rituals during the celebration have always helped in building warm social relationship and interaction, which leads to harmony and oneness amongst the people. I am sanguine that this festival will continue to facilitate in carrying forward the treasured age-old generation to generation handing over of the baton of cherished ethos and memorable good old glories of the land, the Governor said,” he said.
Extending his greetings, Khandu said, “ours is a distinct state with several tribes and communities residing side by side for ages and maintaining their own unique indigenous culture and traditions. Despite our varied diversity, we as Arunachalees are united and take pride in our indigenous cultural heritage. This cultural mosaic has to be maintained, preserved and propagated at all costs while keeping intact our unity in diversity. I believe this Shapawng Yawng Manau Poi would prove a major catalyst towards achieving this goal.”
He further wished a grand celebration of the festival of dance in honour of the great forefather of the Singphos – Shapawng Yawng. (PRO to Raj Bhawan, CMO)