Namsai bandh announced over JHPC recommendations

Staff Reporter
NAMSAI, Feb 15: The Chongkham Area Youth Welfare Society (CAYWS) has announced a 12-hour bandh in Namsai district, opposing the final draft of the joint high power committee’s (JHPC) recommendations on granting of permanent resident certificates to non-APSTs.
Along with the CAYWS, the Tai Khampti Singpho Council (TKSC), the All Tai Khampti Singpho Students’ Union (ATKSSU) and the All Namsai District Students’ Union (ANDSU) had written to the deputy commissioner on Friday that they would impose a bandh in the entire district on Saturday.
However, ATKSSU president Chow Kohana Chaupoo informed this daily that the ATKSSU, the TKSC and the ANDSU have withdrawn from the bandh and suspended it on account of the ongoing Shapawng Yawng Manau Poi celebrations.
He informed that they will go ahead with the bandh at a later date, after consultations with the TKSC.
The bandh is expected to be followed up by a rally from
Chongkham to the deputy commissioner’s office here.
Meanwhile, the United Peoples’ Movement of Lekang (UPMoL) has condemned the proposed 12-hour bandh in the district.
Welcoming the JHPC recommendations, UPMoL vice president Aniruddha Deori said the news of the bandh hurt the sentiments of the people.
“We are neighbouring communities and want to have friendly relations with each other. They know our demand is genuine. We are asking rights for our own lands,” he said.
He said if the Namsai-based organisations resort to such opposition, the organisations demanding re-issuance of PRC would also be compelled to take action.
“If they keep doing this, we will also give them a difficult time,” Deori said.
The JHPC had submitted its recommendations to the state government during a cabinet meeting on Wednesday.