Arunachal stall at IKBF receives appreciation

KOLKATA, Feb 18: The exhibition stall put up by the Arunachal Pradesh research directorate at the 43rd International Kolkata Book Fair (IKBF), which concluded here in West Bengal on 11 February, drew huge visitors and received rave reviews from all.
“I love Arunachal. The collection of books is very useful,” wrote West Bengal Agriculture Minister Purendu Basu in the visitors’ remarks book.
Ranchi-based Central University’s faculty member Dr Shreya Bhattachari wrote: “A very enriching experience! A great initiation into the culture of Arunachal Pradesh,” informed Research Director Batem Pertin.
“Promote this far-east state. It has vast social, cultural and biodiversity”, “The collection of monographs and publications on display are truly wonderful. These are rich resources”, and “Extremely resourceful for students and academicians,” were some of the remarks made by noted scholars and researchers, Pertin said.
“As many as 408 books were sold and 207 visitors left their comments in the visitors’ remarks,” he said, adding that the stall was visited by several scholars, researchers, businessmen, tourists, and book lovers.
RN Koley and S Chanda authored Udit Surjer Deshi (Bengali), Understanding Arunachal Pradesh by RN Koley, and Folktales of Arunachal Pradesh by Batem Pertin, RN Koley and S Chanda recorded the highest sales at the fair, Pertin said.
Host West Bengal and Arunachal Pradesh were the only two states to participate in the book fair with research publications highlighting the cultural heritages and traditions of the ethnic peoples.