NESO condemns Shah’s statement on CAB

ITANAGAR, Feb 18: The North East Students’ Organisation (NESO) has expressed serious objection to BJP president Amit Shah’s statement that the citizenship amendment bill (CAB) would be brought back if the BJP comes back to power.
Shah issued the statement during his recent visit to Assam. The NESO described it as an insult to the people of the Northeast region.
“This is against the people’s movement launched by whole NE states against CAB. Also Amit Shah’s statement is a reflection of the mindset which indicates that they don’t have any regard for the sentiments, emotions and welfare of the indigenous peoples of the Northeast but rather their design is to reduce the microscopic indigenous communities to a minority by flooding the region with illegal Bangladeshis to achieve their Hindutva objective,” the NESO stated in a release on Monday.
The organization reiterated that it is against all illegal Bangladeshis and does not differentiate them on the basis of their religions.
“An illegal Bangladeshi is an illegal migrant, irrespective of whether one is a Hindu or a Muslim. The NESO will never accept this draconian bill, and calls upon all the indigenous peoples of the Northeast to thwart such evil designs for the survival of our race, identities, cultures, languages, and our future generations,” it said.