105 cases of domestic violence received by WHL since 2016

ITANAGAR, Mar 11: The Arunachal Women Helpline (WHL) registered 105 cases of domestic violence in Arunachal Pradesh during the period from 2016 till March 2019, according to a WHL release.
The second highest number of cases received or registered by the WHL during that period was maintenance claim (29), followed by extra-marital affairs (27), child marriage (24), polygamy (6), trafficking (3), cyber crime (3), bonded labour (3), and sexual assault (2), the release said.
The WHL had registered or received a total of 426 cases of various natures during that period, out of which 370 were solved, the release said.
The WHL said it had received or registered five ‘rescue’ and seven ‘destitute’ cases, and all of them have been solved.
The number of ‘any other crime’ cases it had received was 29, out of which 25 have been solved, it added.
Besides, the number of cases ‘seeking information’ was 183 and all of them have been resolved.
The 24X7 Arunachal Women Helpline, 181, is a toll-free number to support women in distress. Any women can access the 181 for counselling, guidance and information.
They can also call or send a message to 0360-2350377, 9436852222, whlap181@gmail.com informing about their grievances for help.