NEIRBC says church not aligned with any political party

GUWAHATI, Mar 28: The Catholic leaders of Northeast India have issued a statement saying the church does not identify itself with any political party.
In a letter addressed to the Catholic faithful of the region, Rev Dominic Jala, the president of the North East India Regional Bishop’s Council (NEIRBC), called upon everyone to exercise their franchise.
“Voting at every election is a sacred duty and obligation of every citizen,” the letter said, and urged everyone to rise above religion, culture and caste to participate in the democratic process.
He highlighted some of the growing concerns in the country, like the huge gap between the rich and the poor, the meagre wages for the unorganized labourers, farmers’ distress, and corruption at all levels.
Rev Jala also issued a seven-point guideline to church leaders, which includes, among other things, working for an economy that seeks to help the poor and the underprivileged, promoting probity in public life, ensuring a safe environment for all, safeguarding the rights of the tribals over their land, water and forests, promoting communal harmony and the spirit of national integrity through inter-religious dialogue and understanding, and taking steps to protect the environment.
The letter ended with a prayer to the leaders from the Northeast to work together to bring the concerns of the region to the national arena for the overall development of the country.