NGO volunteers feed stray dogs

ITANAGAR, Apr 3: Demonstrating their love and concern for stray canines, members of Caretaker, an NGO working for the welfare of animals in distress, offered meals to stray dogs in and around the capital complex recently.
The feeding programme, which was carried out by volunteers comprising girl students and government employees, concentrated on areas in and around Legi Complex, Abo Tani Colony, the state secretariat, Akashdeep and Ganga markets, F Sector, and RK Mission Hospital here, informed the NGO’s coordinator, Danyi Mamung, in a release.
The programme also served as a preliminary investigation to find out the target areas and the approximate number of stray dogs in the capital complex, she said, adding that the second phase will focus on birth control among stray dogs.
The organization said its senior volunteer, Danyi Amung, has informed about the presence of approximately 40 stray dogs here, a few of which might have owners but are allowed to roam free by the owners.
“More than half a dozen of these dogs are found to be suffering from sarcoptic mange, also known as scabies, and around six bore visible wounds,” the release said.
The organization said it has also been running a small shelter house for stray dogs at the residence of Likha Marry, a senior volunteer of the NGO.
Presently, there are around 15 dogs in the shelter house. The rescued dogs are also given away for adoption due to lack of sufficient space, it said.
The NGO was formed last year by a group of likeminded youths purely on voluntary and self-funding basis to help animals in distress, initiate adoption programmes, encourage people to develop a compassionate attitude towards animals, and encourage vaccination of pets against life-threatening diseases.