Candidate denies reports of assault on magistrate

SANGRAM, Apr 5: Following reports of the alleged attack on magistrate Jill Gyamar on 24 March, the BJP’s Koloriang constituency candidate, Lokam Tassar, in a statement to the SDO here in Kurung Kumey district said he had “never manhandled the concern officer,” and that the allegation against him was “concocted and fabricated.”
In his statement, Tassar claimed that he was heading towards Koloriang to file his nomination paper when his wife, Lokam Yasi’s vehicle was stopped by the magistrate.
He said the magistrate opened the bonnet of the vehicle hastily, damaging its lock.
“When my workers asked the officer about causing damage to the vehicle, he behaved in an unapologetic manner, due to which pushing and pulling occurred between my workers and the officer. Finally, I intervened and pacified the issue,” Tassar said, adding that they left for Koloriang after that.
He said he found out later that the officer was in charge of a flying squad operating within the territory of the Kurung river to Koloriang town, while his wife’s vehicle had been stopped at Leel village in Sangram circle.
Alleging that the magistrate was beyond his authorized jurisdiction, Tassar claimed that Gyamar was the maternal uncle of his rival candidate from the National People’s Party, Pani Taram.
Reportedly, Tassar’s wife had also lodged a complaint on 25 March before the Kurung Kumey district election officer (DEO), alleging “biasness” on the part of the officer while discharging his election duties.
On 1 April, the DEO of Kurung Kumey district had ordered an inquiry against Tassar and his supporters for allegedly assaulting the magistrate on duty.
In a complaint to the election commission here, Gyamar had informed that he had been stationed as a magistrate on duty with the police at the Kurung river bridge point, but on 24 March he and his team were instructed by the DEO to accompany him to Sangram area to conduct checks on vehicles that were coming up to Leel village.
Gyamar had claimed that he had been abused and attacked by the candidate and his party without any reason. He had also claimed that he had been receiving threats, and had sought transfer from Koloriang.