Time for action

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[ M Panging Pao ]

After the longest ever election period, finally the results have been declared. The ruling BJP has overcome anti-incumbency and won absolute majority at both the Centre and in Arunachal Pradesh. New governments have been sworn in both at the Centre and in the state. There is one thing common with both governments: expectations are very high from both governments.
The ruling NDA won 353 seats, with the BJP alone winning an absolute majority with 303 seats. The new government has been sworn in at the Centre, led by the dynamic leader, Narendra Modi, with a total of 58 ministers. However, only two MPs from Northeast India have been made ministers, with none making it as cabinet minister.
In Arunachal Pradesh, the BJP has won 41 of the 60 assembly seats, winning more than two-third majority. The BJP has formed the new government, retaining the chief minister and the deputy chief minister. Ten other ministers have also been sworn in. The process of forming a new government and active governance has begun.
Many people feel that winning the elections or being nominated as a minister is an end by itself. However, for the common citizens it is just the beginning. After being elected and forming the new government, the onus shifts to the ruling party and candidates to fulfill all the promises declared in party manifestoes and individual manifestoes. The winning candidates must realize that they represent the entire constituency, irrespective of party affiliations, and must work for development and progress of the constituency.
Similar is the situation of the newly appointed government and ministers. The new government and ministers must work for development, progress, peace and stability of the entire state.
The new government must continue the previous government’s drive towards more development and progress in Arunachal. The new government must work in cooperation with CBOs, NGOs and other organisations to sustain peace and stability in the state.
The state’s major pending projects include the launch of the delayed 600 mw Kameng hydroelectric project, expediting the Trans-Arunachal Highway project, completing the smart city projects of Pasighat and Itanagar, the greenfield airport in Hollongi, flood protection in eroded areas of Mebo, availability of stabilized 24×7 electricity, etc.
Other targets areas are improvement in the dismal performance of students in the board exams, improvement of all district hospitals, setting up more industries in the state, improvement in tourism infrastructure, improvement in employment for unemployed youths, etc.
The BJP has won the elections with absolute majority due to the trust of millions of Indians on Prime Minister Modi about effective governance, less corruption, development, unity and stability. His famous slogans include ‘Start Up India’, ‘Make in North East’, ‘Act East Policy’, ‘Sabka saath, sabka vikaas’, etc. We have our own ‘Arunachal Rising’ slogan. It is time to implement these slogans in paper and spirit. (The contributor is retired Group Captain, Indian Air Force)