Min inspects farms under AHV&DD dept

ITANAGAR, Jun 11: AHV & Dairy Development (AHV&DD) Minister Tage Taki on Tuesday inspected various farms under the department in Karsingsa and Nirjuli.
He visited the central pig breeding farm and the Arun Dairy farm in Karsingsa, and the central cattle breeding farm and the central poultry farm in Nirjuli.
During the visit to the pig breeding farm in Karsingsa, Taki advised the officers concerned to “utilize the resources optimally to produce more improved varieties of piglets.”
The officers assured to take initiatives to mitigate the shortcomings of the poultry and the cattle breeding farms.
Later, the minister held a meeting with the officers of the department, during which he was briefed on the status and activities of the department by AHV Director Dr ND Minto.
The minister directed the officers of the department to prepare the annual action plan for all the activities for obtaining sanction from the central government.
Taki also emphasized the need to create a layer farm, pork processing units, large-scale livestock breeding, feed mills, and upgrading the existing veterinary infrastructure.
He urged the officers to generate innovative plans to improve the livelihood of landless farmers through animal husbandry.