Mein presents ambitious budget with emphasis on agri, rural infra, education, healthcare

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ITANAGAR, Jul 8: Finance Minister Chowna Mein presented an ambitious budget on Monday with agriculture, rural infrastructure, education and healthcare at its core.
While implementation remains to be seen and the financial allocation is rather very minimal, Mein in his two-hour-long budget speech said the government aspires to become the “most developed” and “happiest state” in India.
“In fulfilling this aspiration, we also want to preserve our indigenous identity, culture, traditions and green environment. While Arunachal Pradesh will integrate its own approach to growth with PM Modi’s India strategy, our own unique endowments, challenges and strengths will lend a distinctly Arunachal characteristic to our contribution,” he said.
Following are the highlights of the budget:

* Enhancement of micro irrigation – Rs 2.20 crore
* Natural resource inventory for micro level agricultural planning in three potential districts – Rs 6 crore
* Awareness, dissemination and demonstrations of best agricultural practices in three KVKs – Rs 1.5 crore

* Setting up of agro-meteorological centres in three KVKs – Rs 1.5 crore
* Chief Minister’s Sashakt Kisan Yojana –
# Improvement of agri-mechanization – Rs 10 crore
# Augmenting tea and rubber plantations – Rs 10 crore
# Introduction of alternative crops – Rs 5 crore
* Cultivation of off-season vegetable crops in temperate belt – Rs 6.25 crore
* Pilot project on cultivation of blueberry in Tawang & West Kameng districts – Rs 0.45 crore
* Import of planting materials from USA & European countries – Rs 1.50 crore
* Area expansion programme on kiwi, mandarin orange, pineapple, banana, large cardamom, arecanut, apple, walnut & alternative to opium cultivation – Rs 62.5 crore
* Chief Minister’s Krishi Samuh Yojana – Rs 5 crore
* Wholesale market -cum-auction centres with e-NAM facilities in Pasighat, Namsai, Kimin and Balukpong – Rs 20 crore
* Organic certification of horticultural crops and linking them with export promoters – Rs 2 crore
* Primary processing units for horticultural crops – Rs 2 crore
* R&D centre for kiwi in Ziro and for orange in Roing – Rs 4 crore
* Expansion of area under medicinal and aromatic plants agreement with the Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plant (ICAR-CIMAP) and the North East Institute of Science and Technology (NEIST) – Rs 1 crore
* Construction of a state horticulture research and development institute and bio-resource mission – Rs 10 crore
* Arun Pig Development Scheme – Rs 25 crore
* Chief Minister’s White Revolution Scheme – Rs 35 crore
* Mukhya Mantri Neel Kranti Abhiyan to increase the local fish production in the state – Rs 20 crore
* Creation of directory of indigenous fish species of the state and preparing a database – Rs 0.10 crore
* Strengthening and upgrading and the state sericulture farm in Sile, East Siang – Rs 3.5 crore
* Gap-filling in ericulture and muga culture to increase cocoon yield – Rs 6.47 crore
* Rs 10 crore under terrace cultivation to discourage jhum cultivation.

* Construction of a common directorate complex and office complex for SHRC, Lokayukta, women’s commission, etc – Rs 25 crore
* The Chief Minister’s Comprehensive State Road Plan 2019-2024 – Rs 100 crore
* Creation of department of architecture – Rs 2 crore
* Construction of the Potin-Pangin stretch under the Trans-Arunachal Highway – Rs 4000 crore in three phases
* Pilot project on construction of roads using plastic waste – Rs 1.4 crore
* Repair and maintenance of PMGSY roads – Rs 30 crore
* A pilot trial in Papum Pare district on ‘Jute-geo textiles methodology & vegetation programme’ for slope stabilization by soil and water conservation team under the RWD – Rs 1 crore

* Chief Minister’s Samast Shiksha Yojana – Rs 52 crore
* Chief Minister’s Adhunik Pathshala Yojana for the provision for smart classes in schools and one model residential school in each district – Rs 8 crore
* Acharya Dronacharya Gurukul Yojana – Rs 2 crore
* School uniforms, including shoes, belt, tie and sweater – Rs 33.75 core
* Establishment of NCC academy in Itanagar capital complex – Rs 5 crore
* Uniform for the NCC cadets through DBT – Rs 1 crore
* Laptops, printers and scanners for official purposes to school principals – Rs 1.3 crore
* Upgrading of infrastructure of government schools – Rs 30 crore
* Funding from the state budget for the building of sainik school – Rs 10 crore
* Solar rooftop panels of 3 kw each in all the secondary and higher secondary schools, and LED bulbs – Rs 4 crore
* Best performing schools – Rs 0.50 crore
* Scholarship to meritorious students for civil service coaching – Rs 1 crore
* Girl Hygiene Scheme – Rs 2 crore
* Chief Minister’s Vidya Scheme to be continued – Rs 5 crore
* Development of script and imparting of tribal dialects in schools – Rs 3.5 crore
* Promotion of Hindi – Rs 1 crore
* Exposure visit of selected officers of the education department to foreign countries and training of principals & teachers of colleges at IIM, Ahmedabad, IISC, IIT, etc – Rs 1.50 crore
* Financial support to meritorious students from Class 11 onwards for IIT coaching outside the state – Rs. 1 crore
* Developing organic farming modules for school students in the state by tying up with the Sikkim SCERT and KVK – Rs 1 crore
* Infrastructure development of Arunachal University in Pasighat – Rs 7 crore
* Construction of girls’ hostel in JNC Pasighat, DNGC Itanagar and Government Model College, Basar – Rs 3 crore
* Infrastructure development of government polytechnic, Ziro – Rs 2 crore
* First phase of construction of BY Government Women’s College – Rs 2 crore
* Grant-in-aid to Rajiv Gandhi University for settlement of the pension issue of its employees – Rs 8.4 crore
* Construction of student activity centre in RGU – Rs 3 crore

* Grant-in-aid to Chief Minister’s Arogya Arunachal Yojana – Rs 25 crore
* Mukhya Mantri Rogi Kalyan Kosh – Rs 30 crore
* Gap funding for the upgrading and construction of medical college in the TRIHMS – Rs 90 crore; and grant-in-aid to the TRIHMS Society for its revenue expenditure – Rs 40 crore
* Grant-in-aid to the TRIHMS for purchase of specialised equipment – Rs 50 crore
* Upgrading of district hospitals in Aalo, Tezu, Khonsa, Bomdila and Ziro to general hospitals – Rs 25 crore
* For the establishment (first phase) of 250-bedded hospitals with MCH and ophthalmology wings in Itanagar capital complex – Rs 10 crore
* Mukhya Mantri Manasik Swasth Yojana for mental health – Rs 10 crore
* Advance life service (ALS) and basic life service (BLS), especially for cardiac and trauma cases – Rs 3 crore
* Development of tele-medicine and tele-radiology systems – Rs 3 crore
* Construction of office for the Indian Medical Association, Arunachal Chapter – Rs 3 crore

* Construction of juvenile homes in Changlang and Yupia – Rs 6 crore
* Construction of working women’s hostel-cum-destitute home in Itanagar – Rs 4 crore
* Dulari Kanya Scheme – Rs 4 crore
* Medical care for children with special needs – Rs 0.5 crore
* Arunachal Pradesh State Commission for Women – Rs 2 crore
* Establishment of a rehabilitation centre in Itanagar – Rs 5 crore
* Awareness programmes for students and parents on drug-related issues through the education department – Rs 0.5 crore
* Corpus fund for Oju Mission – Rs 1 crore

* Chief Minister’s Social Security Scheme, providing old age pension, widow pension and disabled pension – Rs 83 crore
* Strengthening of the Puroik Welfare Board – Rs 5 crore
* Allocation for areas not covered under the Border Area Development Programme (non-BADP) – Rs 35 crore
* Development of Tirap, Changlang and Longding (TCL) region – Rs 50 crore
* Upgrading of water and electricity infrastructure and overall development of Vijoynagar and Gandhigram regions – Rs 5 crore

* Construction of tribal cultural centres in 18 districts – Rs 20 crore
* Corpus fund to the department of indigenous affairs – Rs 10 crore
* Construction of a digital museum in Itanagar – Rs 5 crore
* Finalization of modified Roman scripts developed by communities and extending support to communities to develop their scripts – Rs 3.5 crore
* Multipurpose cultural complex in Pasighat – Rs 3 crore

* Chief Minister’s Yuva Kaushal Yojana scheme – Rs 10 crore
* Subsidy to entrepreneurs of Arunachal Pradesh availing loan under the Deen Dayal Upadhyay Swavalamban Yojana – Rs 10 crore
* Chief Minister’s Paryatan Shiksha Yojana-I and II – Rs 0.60 crore
* Chief Minister’s Skilled Advanced Certificate Course – Rs 0.75 crore
* CM’s Hastshilp Yojana – Rs. 1.80 crore
* Handicrafts design training in partnership with NID, Ahmedabad – Rs.1 crore
* Aqua adventure centre – Rs 10 crore
* Supporting local artisans – Rs 2 crore
* Development of external infrastructure of the industrial estate in Niglok – Rs 3 crore
* Engagement of consultants for identification of new industrial estates – Rs 1 crore

* Tourism societies in East Kameng, Papum Pare, Namsai, Shi Yomi, Upper Siang, Lower Siang, Upper Subansiri and Tirap districts – Rs 50 lakhs each.
* Tourism societies – Rs 4 crore
* Chief Minister’s Paryatan Vikas Yojana for homestays – Rs 5 crore
* Promotion of film tourism – Rs 2 crore
* Credit-linked capital subsidy scheme for tourism promotion – Rs 5 crore
* Pan-Arunachal Festival – Rs 2 crore
* Arunachal Haat in Itanagar – Rs 10 crore

* Identification of permanent site in TCL region for the construction of sports academy – Rs 5 crore
* North East Youth Festival – Rs 1.5 crore

* Acquiring landfill sites in towns and procurement of trucks, JCBs, sanitation equipment for door-to-door collection – Rs 35 crore
* Strengthening of garbage collection systems – Rs 15 crore
* Itanagar and Pasighat municipal councils – Rs 3 crore
* Augmentation of waste management system in the capital complex and development of external infrastructure of landfill sites in Karsingsa and Chimpu – Rs 6 crore
* Construction of crematoriums in three major townships – Rs 1 crore each
* Development of external infrastructure of Hollongi airport – Rs 30 crore
* Procurement of new buses for the transport department – Rs 10 crore

* Water for all by 2024 by converging all GoI and state schemes – Rs 100 crore as additional allocation
* Completion of the pilot project for solar power-operated smart drinking water purification system in Jia-Bolum-Bukam area – Rs 17.73 crore
* Completion of drinking water project at RGU – Rs 16 crore
* Pilot project in rainwater harvesting in Tirap, Changlang & Longding – Rs 5 crore
* 20 water conservation-cum-multipurpose projects – Rs 25 crore
* Rejuvenation of 20 drying streams through rainwater harvesting and constructing recharge pits – Rs 5 crore

* Comprehensive scheme for strengthening of transmission and distribution system – Rs 10 crore
* For strengthening of electrical inspectorate, which will be designated as a separate commercial zone of the power department – Rs 2 crore
* Procurement/development of software for computerization of electricity bills in power department – Rs 5 crore
* Distribution of 3 lakh energy efficient LED bulbs – Rs 0.9 crore
* LED street lighting in urban townships – Rs 20 crore
* Renovation work of 33/11 kv substations in Chandranagar, Naharlagun, Nirjuli, Tezu, Namsai, Seppa and Khonsa – Rs 3 crore
* Solar power plants in district administrative buildings – Rs 4 crore
* Identification of potential hydropower projects, obtaining statutory clearances and auction through e-bidding process – Rs 5 crore
* Grid connection and suitable evacuation system to small hydel power projects in Donkhorong MHS, Pacha hydel station, Sippi SHP, Dulom MHS, Sinyun Koro MHS, Pinto Koro MHS, Kamba MHS, Angong Nallah, Awapani MHS, etc – Rs 10 crore

* Integrated financial management system – Rs 5 crore
* Development of state data centre – Rs 5 crore
* Introducing state-of-the-art mobile digital info-education theatres in Pasighat, Ziro, Namsai, Kurung Kumey and Tawang – Rs 5 crore

* Construction of new PCCF office as a state-of-the art green building – Rs 5 crore
* Upgrading the biological park in Itanagar – Rs 2 crore
* Clean-Green Arunachal Campaign – Rs 4 crore
* Air quality monitoring stations – Rs 1 crore

* Chief Minister’s Rural Housing Scheme of Rs 50,000 per beneficiary – Rs 50 crore
* Chief Minister’s Adarsh Gram Yojana – Rs 60 crore
* Survey in collaboration with the Institute of Rural Management, Anand – Rs 1 crore
* Felicitation of best performing SHGs from each district – Rs 1.3 crore
* Setting up of rural homestays through SHGs – Rs 1.05 crore
* Strengthening of the State Institute of Rural Development & Panchayat Raj (SIRD-PR) – Rs 1 crore
* Providing waste bins in villages – Rs 5 crore
* Vermicomposting in 75 villages – Rs 2.5 crore
* Additional top-up subsidy by the state under the Pradhan Mantri Ujwala Yojana – Rs 3 crore

* E-auction of quartzite blocks – Rs 0.75 crore
* Survey and investigation of limestone deposits – Rs 1.25 crore
* Exploration of iron ore deposits – Rs 1.5 crore
* To strengthen the APMDTCL for payment of additional levy to the coal controller – Rs 32 crore

* Scholarship of Rs 2 lakhs each to 20 meritorious students pursuing masters in mass communication/journalism – Rs 0.40 crore
* Arunachal Pradesh Pension Scheme for Journalists – Rs 1 crore
* Arunachal Rising Campaign – Rs 3 crore
* Arunachal Literary Festival 2019 – Rs 1.5 crore
* Infrastructure at the press club – Rs 3.25 crore

* Infrastructure upgrading of the Police Training Centre, Banderdewa – Rs 5 crore
* Procurement of anti-riot equipment, surveillance, mobility and other modernization equipment – Rs 30 crore
* Strengthening of Infrastructure of cyber crime cell and social media monitoring – Rs 2 crore
* Mobility fund for police – Rs 2 crore
* Strengthen the security initiatives in TCL region – Rs 8.5 crores
* Construction of a 300-men barrack at PTC, Banderdewa, for Central Armed Police Forces (Phase-I), and at Bn Complex, Chimpu – Rs 3 crore each
* New DSP traffic cell for Itanagar – Rs 1 crore
* Special cell for women and child model in five selected police stations – Rs 1.25 crore
* Mobile fire tenders and equipment in all the major townships – Rs 5 crore
* Construction of high court building – Rs 5 crore
* Upgrading and construction of new judicial infrastructure in the districts – Rs10 crore

* Preparation of the second State Human Development Report of the state – Rs 1 crore
* Jan Sunvai programme/ Sarkar Aapke Dwar – Rs 8 crore
* New training and leadership programmes for in-service/mid-career government officers at all levels in collaboration with premier institutions – Rs 5 crore
* Vehicles subsidy for APCS entry grade officers posted in administrative circles – Rs 10 crore
* Compulsory training for engineers and contractors to increase their capacity – Rs 1 crore
* CM’s Dist Innovation and Challenge Fund – Rs 40 crore
* Establishment of district secretariat buildings in all the districts in phases – Rs 60 crore
* Infrastructure development in new districts – Rs 100 crore
* Infrastructure development of divisional headquarters – Rs 20 crore
* Enhancement of annual allocation of MLALADS by Rs 50 lakhs, from Rs 2.50 crore to Rs 3 crore, to enable the MLAs to take up priority schemes.
* Introduction of the State Industrial Policy 2019, for financial, technical, training support to small and medium enterprises – Rs 10 crore
In the budget estimates of 2019-20, a revenue receipt of Rs 20857.92 crore and a capital receipt of Rs 1535.53 crore are projected, making a total receipt of Rs 22393.45 crore, as against the total receipt of Rs 21301.83 crore in the revised estimates of 2018-19. The state share of central taxes has been pegged at a level of Rs 11571.00 crore, as per the union budget 2019-20, and the projected state’s own tax revenue is Rs 1440.00 crore. The non-tax revenue projection for 2019-20 has been pegged at Rs 1050.00 crore.
After his budget presentation, the finance minister termed the budget “futuristic, which will accelerate the pace of development in the state.
“It is a budget for the farmers, for the youths, and for the women,” Mein said, adding that emphasis has been put on quality education and health services, agriculture, and livelihood.
Chief Secretary Satya Gopal said all the budget proposals will be implemented, and financial concurrence accorded at the earliest.
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