West Siang emerge champion in state Arm Sports Championship

ITANAGAR, Jul 23: West Siang with 25 medals emerged overall team champion in the 11th state level Arm Sports Championship held here on Tuesday. The medals include 15 gold, eight silver and two bronzes.
The ‘champion of the champion’ title in the women’s category was won by Kanu Yomcha of West Siang. The title in the men’s category went to Jagadish Baruah, who represented East Kameng.
The event was organized by Arunachal Arm Sport Association.
The results:
Junior boys (55 kg) category: Damdo Yomcha (G), Jomya Bagra (Sil), Kari Bagra (Br), all from West Siang.
60 kg: Karsen Loyi (G), West Siang, Taksing Raja (Sil), East Kameng.
65 kg: Bishop Sono (G), Lama Riang (Sil), Killang Yaffa (Br), all from East Kameng.
70 kg: Diary Dupak (G), East Kameng, Nyosar Likar (Sil), West Siang, Tungpa Jera (Br), East Kameng.
75 kg: Kirba Lollen (G), West Siang, Mapu Yigam (Sil), Lower Siang
80 kg: Kamta Beyong (G), East Kameng.
Senior men’s 55 kg: Damdo Yomcha (G), Kari Bagra (Sil), West Siang, Bamang Bai (Br), Papum Pare.
60 kg: Riba Brah (G), East Kameng, Karsen Loyi (Sil), West Siang.
65 kg: Taker Tamuk (G), East Siang, Mui Tato (Sil), East Kameng, Nyape Tao (Br), Lower Siang.
70 kg: Tumken Ango (G), West Siang, Bishop Sono (Sil), East Siang, Dagi Bagra (Br), West Siang.
75 kg: Kirba Lollen (G), Dagli Lollen (Sil), West Siang, Ajit Jera (Br), East Kameng.
80 kg: Mapu Yigam (G), Lower Siang, Ojing Taloh (Sil) East Siang, Jummar Ngulom (Br), Lower Siang.
85 kg: Moli Ngomdir (G), Jumli Bagra (Sil), West Siang.
90 kg: Jagadish Baruah (G), East Kameng, Kardak Karga (Sil), West Siang.
Junior Girls’ 55 kg: Kanu Yomcha (G), West Siang, Papu Bodi (Sil), East Kameng, Remi Doke (Br), Lower Siang.
60 kg: Peter Ronya (G), West Siang, Tobi Bame (Sil), Lower Siang.
65 kg: Karnu Gamlin (G), West Siang.
Senior Girls’ 55 kg: Kanu Yomcha (G), West Siang, Gampi Lingu (Sil), Lower Siang.
60 kg: Peter Ronya (G), West Siang.
65 kg: Kajal Kamsi (G), West Siang, Karnu Gamlin (Sil), West Siang.
70 kg: Jumbom Lollen (G), West Siang.
75 kg: Katu Yomcha (G), West Siang.