Dist TB forum meeting held

KOLORIANG, Aug 2: Kurung Kumey Deputy Commissioner (in-charge) D Unna convened the first meeting of the district TB forum here on 30 July.
During the meeting, which was attended by DMO Dr G Ete, DTO (in-charge) Dr Khioram Bagang, members of NGOs, civil society groups, youths, TB champions, and others, the DTO elaborated the signs, symptoms and nature of tuberculosis.
“India bears the brunt of TB more than any other country in the world. That’s why the GoI has laid out a strategy to end TB by 2025. This is where the TB forums are going to play a vital role, since it is an effort by all stakeholders, including health service providers, CBOs and civil society members,” Dr Bagang said.
Stating that TB champions play an important role in dissemination of knowledge about TB, he requested everyone to “make extra efforts to make the community engagement stronger to fight and eliminate TB by 2025 from Kurung Kumey.”
The DMO in his address advised the participants to create awareness on “the importance of the prevention modalities” among their friends and relatives.
The DC assured of all assistance from the administration, and expressed hope that “better programme delivery” would be provided by the RNTCP team in the future.
Ex-ZPM Chello Tagar also assured of his support for the success of the RNTCP programme.
TB champions Lokam Yanam and Bengia Taram shared their experiences and advised TB patients that the disease is curable, provided they take the medicines in a disciplined manner.