15 traders booked for violating LM Act & Rules

ITANAGAR, Aug 23: The mobile inspection team of the legal metrology & consumer affairs (LMCA) department on Friday booked 15 traders after they were found violating various provisions under the Legal Metrology Act and Rules during an unannounced checking of various shops in Itanagar area.
The traders, mostly car decoration and accessories shop owners, were found selling goods, including imported goods, in packages without mandatory information like maximum retail price (MRP), date of manufacture, and other mandatory declarations, in violation of the Packaged Commodities Rules, 2011.
The checking was conducted at VIP Road, Kime Pakka, Bank Tinali, and C Sector areas.
Some of the traders were also found selling commodities with the MRPs smudged out.
Five traders have been also booked for using unverified weights and measures in their day-to-day commercial transactions.
The team also conducted inspection at various petrol pumps in Itanagar.
The inspection team included LMCA Deputy Controller (HQ) Daro Marbom, Jurisdictional Assistant Controller Amrit Taba, Inspector (Itanagar) G Singpho, and other officials.