APBG discusses issues, says will work for vibrant journalism

ITANAGAR, Aug 25: Members of the Arunachal Publishers & Broadcasters Guild (APBG) held discussions on various issues, such as the Majithia Wage Board recommendations, the DIPR policy, outstanding advertisement payments, etc, during its first meeting here on Sunday.
The participants also discussed various problems, and ways to iron out the ‘glitches’, besides working towards creating a more vibrant work environment.
The members also agreed on adopting an ‘anti-poaching’ stance to ensure a congenial journalistic atmosphere.
Earlier, the APBG was formed with Chopa Cheda as its president. Other executive body members include JT Tagam (Vice President), Mibom Dai (General Secretary), and Kenter Joya Riba (Media Secretary). Nani Kojin and Jarpum Gamlin are the advisors to the guild.