VKV reacts to report on rustication

ITANAGAR, Sep 5: Reacting to the report published by this daily on the en masse rustication of 60 students from the Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya (VKV) in Sher, the VKV in a statement on Thursday said the facts had been “distorted” in the report.
In its statement, the VKV said it has been “a reputed institution in the state since 1977 and the contribution that the school made in the field of education throughout this period is commendable. But the report that appeared in the newspaper seems to be distorted with the actual facts being absent.”
It further said that Kimin ADC Likha Teji had been requested by the school authority to attend the meeting “to take care of the law and order situation,” and that he was not the chairman of the school management committee (SMC).
“Since the ADC is not the SMC chairman, it should be understood that the ADC did not attend the meeting as the chairman of the SMC.
The statement in the newspaper was far from the truth and it needs to be corrected to stop more damage to his reputation as an administrator,” it stated.
However, this daily had not mentioned anywhere in its report that the Kimin ADC was the SMC chairman. The report clearly stated that the ADC had only chaired the meeting.
The VKV authority also stated that the report about sodomy by its hostel students “brought severe damage to the school’s reputation as well.”
Denying the report of sodomy, it said the school authority has never received any complaint of such nature so far.
“The elite readers of the state would never appreciate such unethical practice of journalism,” it added.