Weeklong theatres on Solung mythology concludes

RUKSIN, Sep 7: Artistes from Rayang-based Karpung Karduk Folk Music Academy (KKFMA) in East Siang district, led by Delong Padung, presented a weeklong series of theatre demonstrations on the Solung mythology at different villages of the district.
The last performance in the series was conducted at Debing village on Friday.
The young artistes performed dramas on mirii aabang (priest song) pertaining to the Solung mythology. The demonstrations, based on living tradition, were on the origin and evolution of the universe, civilization of mankind, and development of agricultural practices on earth.
The KKFMA, with the help of the Sangeet Natak Akademi, had earlier conducted a 10-day drama workshop on mirii aabang at Rayang village and chalked out a work plan for staging demonstrations at different villages during the Solung festival.
Padung, a national board member of Art and Culture, said “many people of the state, including some cultural researchers, are unaware of the mythological significance of aabangs (Liimiir-Libom, Ekop Taktor and Binyat Aabang) pertaining to Solung festivities.”
“I hope that dramatic expression of the mythological facets would make the young generations understand and help preserve their traditional culture,” said Padung.