Intl Literacy Day celebrated with reading, writing events

ROING, Sep 8: Library volunteers led by the Dibang Youth Library (DYL) and the Intaya Youth Library (IYL) celebrated International Literacy Day with a series of reading events at different schools here in Lower Dibang Valley district on Sunday.
The focus of the celebrations at the government middle schools in Rayang and Cheta villages was on drawing students to the joy of reading by giving them exposure to reader-friendly books and magazines.
DYL activists Ethi and Yoney Ekroya, Puya Mili, Mayotho Ekru and Khune Melo demonstrated story-reading, reading theatre, and poem recitations.
The celebrations at the Roing VKV and the Intaya Public School focused on sensitizing the senior students to work for promoting adult literacy by adopting their mother tongues in the written form.
Rehanso Boo, Mumyam Lankam and Purbashri spoke on the role of educated youths in helping their mothers become literate in their mother tongues and not necessarily in English.
State teacher award winner, Prasant Puzari, also exhorted students to share a part of their free time to popularize their mother tongues.
IYL volunteers led by Hine Linggi, Aniya Linggi and Aju Linggi presented book-reading demonstrations, highlighting how regular reading habit improves language proficiency.
Addressing senior activists and teachers, the coordinator of the Lohit Youth Library Network appealed for more volunteers to come forward to promote literacy skills in Arunachalee languages among rural women.
Lauding Tulika Books, Chennai, for coming up with a children’s book in the Adi, Apatani, Miju-Mishmi, Nocte, Nyishi and Bodo languages, he thanked the translators for making a path-breaking contribution in promoting native languages.
In Kharsang in Changlang district, the Women Fellowship of Believers Eastern Church Changlang Diocese conducted International Literacy Day among the underprivileged and economically and educationally backward sections of the people in a remote tea garden.
The Sisters of Compassion team explained to them the importance of literacy. The participants were also taught basic reading and writing techniques.