Power dept’s EE passes away

ITANAGAR, Sep 25: Executive engineer of power department Likha Taje died on Tuesday after a prolonged illness at Shillong.
Likha Taje was born on 5 August 1965. He has left behind his wife, two sons and two daughters.
While mourning the death of executive engineer, the department of power, in a release said, late Taje was awarded gold medal by the state government for his contribution in designing and developing a low head Pelton Turbine of 5 KW capacity suitable for variable heads up to maximum of 25 mtrs and useful for electrification of rural villages on standalone mode.
The Confederation of Service Associations of Arunachal Pradesh (CoSAAP), Likha Welfare Society (LWS), Likha Youth Forum (LYF) and Yachuli Constituency Employee Forum (YCEF) have also expressed their condolences.
The CoSAAP in a condolence message said, “In his death, the state has lost an energetic and innovative officer. The CoSAAP, on behalf of all the state government employees, prays to the Almighty God for eternal peace for the departed soul and to bestow strength to the bereaved family to bear with the loss.
Joining the condolence, LWS and LYF paid tribute to the mortals remains of the deceased on Wednesday. Both the organizations hailed Likha Taje as an ardent believer of indigenous faith and culture and said he was regarded as one of the renowned modern-day priests (Jitte-Buutte) of the Nyishi society.
It further said, Taje was also known for his selfless work for the uplift of the downtrodden section of the society by conducting health and education awareness camps, particularly in rural areas.
It was in the year 1984, when young Taje, a student of class XII, was awarded gold medal for winning national-level science seminar at Calcutta for his innovative design and development of hydropower turbine.
He also served as the general secretary of All Arunachal Shasikan Karate-do- Association (ASKA) during the year 1989-1991.