Police compassionate ground applicants seek postponement of selection process

Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Oct 9: Claiming discrepancies in the recently held police compassionate ground interviews, a group of applicants under the aegis of ‘Compassionate Victimized Group’ demanded that the selection process be put on hold.
Reportedly, 183 applicants were not selected in the recent interviews conducted by the Staff Selection Board (SSB). Out of the total 508 applicants that applied under compassionate ground, 325 have been selected for the medical test slated for 21st October.
Briefing reporters here on Wednesday, the deprived applicants questioned the parameters of the selection process, alleging that “the selection was done on pick and choose basis and not on seniority basis as assured by the police department.”
“There are many applicants whose serving husbands or fathers died in the 90s, but have not been selected in the recent examination, while many applicants of 2018-19 were appointed. We want to know on what basis they have been selected,” said one of the complainants, who did not wish to be named.
“Earlier, we were assured that priority will be given to the family members whose bread earners died in the line of duty, especially on seniority basis. Had this assurance be materialized there would not have been any issue,” he added.
The group further demanded that selection of police on compassionate ground should be done on seniority basis as per the submission of death certificate of legal heirs. It also demanded for roll back of 325 applicants
who have been selected for medical test. It demanded the selection process for 183 deprived applicants should be done as per the legal heirs of deceased persons under government prescribed rules.
Earlier in the day, the group said it had called on the director general of police, who had assured to look into the issue.