Rs 15 cr sanctioned for alternate Ita-Papu Nallah road

Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Oct 14: Capital MLA Techi Kaso informed that the state government has sanctioned Rs 15 crore for construction of road from near Hotel Subansiri to Papu Nallah via Donyi Polo Vidya Bhawan School.
This road will serve as an alternate to the National Highway 415.
Speaking to reporters on the sideline of the inauguration of the bridge over the Yagamso stream (F-Sector), here on Monday, Kaso informed that tender process for the road has been completed and work will start soon.
“This road has been neglected for the last 15 years. Earlier, it was taken up, but due to paucity of fund, the work was not properly executed. Last year, the state government sanctioned Rs 15 crore for it. Hopefully, the road will be made thorough by next year,” Kaso informed.
Commenting on the degrading Jully road, he said, “though department concerned regularly maintains the Jully by-pass road, it gets damaged because of the illegal earth cutting done by people living alongside the road.”
Further, Kaso said that the bridge at Borum and Pachin will also be completed within the next nine months.
“There was some issue over design of the two bridges. The constant change in design delayed the work. However, it has been sorted out and pre-fabrication work has started,” he informed.
The local MLA also shared that the bridge connecting Borum railway station with Lekhi village is also picking up pace.
“This bridge was caught up in land and fund issues. Fortunately, the land issue has been cleared and railways have provided fund too. Last year, due to some miscommunication the railways did not provide fund.
The railway authorities have assured to complete the bridge by May next year and I am in regular touch with them,” Kaso added.