Org seeks inquiry into RGU campus encroachment

ITANAGAR, Oct 23: Expressing concern over the rampant land encroachment at the Rajiv Gandhi University, Rono Hills, the All Nyishi Youth Association (ANYA) has written to the Arunachal Pradesh Governor, the Chief Rector of the University seeking his early intervention into the issue.
In a representation to the Governor on Wednesday, ANYA stated, “As per Vice Chancellor of Rajiv Gandhi University’s press statement on dated 29, October 2018, it has been known that 64 acres of land belonging to the University is ‘missing,’ a fact, which it said, has not only hampered further expansion of university infrastructure development, but alsoput the entire state in a bad light.”
Stating that some individuals have encroached the university’s land and erected permanent structures, the association sought stringent action to reclaim the encroached land.
“The university authority should identify the encroachers and submit details to the competent authority for early eviction. It is questionable that university authority is unable to find out the encroachers till date and issued NOC to LPC applicants without proper verification. It may be the reason behind the ‘missing’ land,” it alleged.
The association further claimed that the Papum Pare deputy commissioner had submitted a report no. DC/LM/PP/GOVT/019/09/006/18 dated Yupia, the 5 November, 2018 which is yet to be implemented by RGU authority.
The ANYA has further sought a proper investigation into the University’s original map which alleged is missing.
“The distortion of original map was the main cause of encroachment of university land and proper investigation should be conducted to find out the original map. The map could not have gone missing without involvement of the university authority”, it said seeking a judicial enquiry.