Farmers participate in ‘field day prog’

NOITONG, Nov 5: Twenty-one farmers took part in a ‘field day programme’ on ‘Varietal performance of Sali rice variety: TTB-404’, organised by the Tirap KVK at Noiting village on 5 November.
KVK Head (in-charge), Dr Simanta Kumar Kalita, urged the farmers to use what they learned from the programme “to increase the production and productivity of rice, and to increase the cropping intensity by cultivation of rapeseed and pea after harvesting of Sali rice.”
Dr Kalita also spoke on the different aspects of increasing cropping intensity, and on the better performance of the TTB-404 variety of Sali rice, “which is a short-duration variety, harvested within 120 days.”
He distributed late-sowing rapeseed variety, TS-67, among the farmers for double-cropping with Sali rice, and answered queries from the farmers.
The KVK also distributed field peas, French beans, cauliflowers, cabbages, brinjals, etc, among the farmers.