Women from Mayu area protest against water crisis

[ Karyir Riba ]
ROING, Nov 9: Fed up with the water crisis in their area, a group of women from Mayu II, led by the Alameh SHG, registered a protest outside the Complaint Center of the Public Health & Engineering Department’s office here in Lower Dibang Valley on Saturday.
The irate women claimed that the residents of Mayu area have been facing water crisis since
the last six months, and said that they were receiving no water supply since the past week. “Even water tankers were not available”, said a woman.
In their defence, sources from the PHE department said that “water is being supplied to the whole township area on a timely basis each day. However, because of on-going restoration work of the pipelines since the last 10-15 days, water supply to these areas is erratic.”
Reportedly, water supply to some areas was also disrupted because of a mishap that had occurred a few days back, wherein the water storage tank cleaner was found dead inside the water tank.
“It was a case of accidental drowning. He used to regularly clean and maintain the tank and as soon as his body was found, water supply from that tank was cut off. We had to remove all the water from the tank and clean it before refilling it for supply”, informed a source from the department.
According to the PHE department, water supply will become regular as earlier from Monday onwards.