Stilwell Road’s platinum jubilee to be celebrated along with 8th PPIF

JAIRAMPUR, Nov 11: The platinum jubilee of the famous Stilwell Road will be celebrated along with the 8th Pangsau Pass International Festival (PPIF) next year.
The decision was taken by the festival celebration committee during a meeting chaired by Nampong MLA Laisam Simai here in Changlang district on Monday.
The meeting discussed various modalities for the celebration of both the events.
To extract maximum benefit for the rural pocket and the villagers, the committee has introduced a new, decentralized concept by allowing three or more villages to organise and host separate tradition-based programmes, unlike in the past, when
such programmes were showcased at the main celebration ground.
The introduction of the new modality is aimed at infusing a new level of enthusiasm in the rural folks, as they, too, are becoming part of the festival, instead of simply being spectators.
The primary goal of the festival is to display the Tangsa tribe’s multi-culture, as it has diverse sub-tribes, with each one having a different dress, dance and flavour. The festival will also offer platforms to all the other tribes of Arunachal, along with those of other states of the Northeast, and from Myanmar.
As in its previous editions, the main attraction of the festival would be the Lake of No Return, where people flock for a glimpse of Myanmar and to experience the hustle and bustle of the Myanmar bazaar.
The region being sensitive, negotiation is underway regarding the visit of participants to Pangsau Pass. Simai has assured that “some solution will be chalked out as the main attraction of the festival cannot be withheld.”