Naga Hoho calls for unity

KOHIMA, Nov 17: Naga Hoho, the apex body of tribal organisations in Nagaland, on Sunday urged all political groups to come together, leaving aside their past differences, for a solution to the vexed Naga issue.
It also urged the political groups to be accommodative for a peaceful settlement to the seven-decade-old Naga insurgency problem.
A statement issued by Naga Hoho general secretary, K Elu Ndang, on Sunday said “the search for a just peace and honourable settlement of the Naga peace process has come about, giving a ray of hope and belief that a new era of peace and tranquility will prevail once again in the Naga society.”
However, it said, unless all Naga political groups come together, there can never be true peace in the land.
“As long as the spirit of vengeance is kept alive in an individual’s heart, there can never be true peace. Hence, all the Naga political groups must be pragmatic in resolving the differences for the sake of the Naga people,” it said.
The Naga Hoho also cautioned that no political group should create an unwanted situation in the process of an honourable settlement, (but) rather ensure a peaceful atmosphere for a smooth transition. (PTI)