AAPSU demands transfer of RKMH secy, action against doctor, staff

Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Nov 19: In the ongoing allegation and counter-allegation between the Ramakrishna Mission Hospital (RKMH) authorities and the All Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Union’s (AAPSU) convenor Tatung Taga, the AAPSU on Tuesday accused the hospital’s secretary of misusing his power, and demanded that the RKMH authorities transfer him out at the earliest.
Addressing journalists at the Arunachal Press Club here, AAPSU editor Risso Kyagung said the joint committee formed by the AAPSU, which included members of various community-based organizations and student bodies, has demanded that the RKMH authorities transfer the secretary and initiate action against the doctor and the nurses who were on duty on 3 November.
Accusing the doctor who was on duty that day of “professional misconduct,” Kyagung claimed that the doctor did not properly attend to the patient, which Kyagung said was evident from the fact that the doctor in his prescription mentioned the patient – a four-month-old baby girl – as a ‘baby boy’.
“This clearly shows sheer negligence on the doctor’s part. How can a doctor prescribe medication to a patient without properly checking first?” Kyagung said, and demanded disciplinary action against the doctor and the nurses who were on duty on that day.
AAPSU convenor Tatung Taga clarified that he did not use any force on the doctor or staffers on the day in question, and accused the secretary of behaving rudely.
“I spoke to the secretary swamiji over the phone and appealed to him to get my daughter admitted to the hospital, but he rebuked me instead,” Taga said.
Kyagung meanwhile said the issue was unnecessarily sensationalized.
“The unprofessional conduct of the on-duty doctor and nurses led the patient’s father (Taga) to act in such a way. He only acted in frustration,” he claimed, adding that Taga “never used any force against the staff or doctor that day.”
Kyagung also termed the state unit of the Indian Medical Association’s reaction to the issue immature.
“The association has reacted immaturely by filing the complaint without first discussing the issue in a meeting with the AAPSU,” he said.