NESA calls for forming JHPC on offspring issue

Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Nov 19: The Nyishi Ethnic Students of Arunachal (NESA) has demanded that the state government constitute a joint high-power committee (JHPC) to look into the issue of offspring of non-APST fathers and APST mothers who have been availing rights and benefits as APSTs through fraudulent means.
Addressing press persons at the Arunachal Press Club here on Tuesday, NESA general secretary Tadar Janu said the state government should immediately constitute a JHPC to look into the matter.
“According to our findings, about 30 percent government officers serving in various departments have non-APST fathers but have been availing benefits under the ST quota. They should have voluntarily surrendered their ST certificates,” Janu said, and demanded that the government either introduce a strict legislation in the coming state assembly session on the issue and/or pass an ordinance by way of a cabinet sitting.
“We have earlier on 11 October also submitted a representation to the chief minister in this regard, but there has been no response from the government,” the GS added.
NESA spokesperson Byabang Noah Dui urged the state government to initiate strict action against the officers or authorities issuing ST certificates to offspring of non-APST fathers and APST mothers.
“One is entitled to APST status by birth, which cannot be diluted due to marriage with a non-APST or by way of conversion of religion. It has also come to our knowledge that the verifying authorities
at the local level have been severely breaching the law since the last many years, due to which numerous bogus individuals, including such offspring, have succeeded in availing APST certificates. Hence, there is an urgent need for a concrete mechanism to be put in place to tackle the growing menace which is slowly destabilizing the socio-cultural fabric of the state,” Dui said.