The AAPSU, ANYA and ANSU have objected to a cartoon carried by this daily following an incident of vandalism by an AAPSU leader at the RK Mission Hospital, Itanagar.
We would like to state that this daily has always maintained neutrality.
In the present context, this daily would like to clarify that-
1. ‘Orunasol Man’, as the title itself suggests, represents people of Arunachal without tribe or religious affiliation; the hairstyle being a symbolic representation of a tribal person rather than a person from a particular tribe.
2. The Arunachal Times has always stood with the people of Arunachal and has tried to contribute in its own way in building a state on the principles of human rights and welfare state.
3. The cartoon, published on 10 November, 2019 was not done with an intention to show the Nyishi or the Apatani tribes in poor light, nor had any intention to hurt the sentiment of both the communities. This daily, solemnly affirms that it had no intention to target any tribe nor had any intention to give a bad impression about them.