Trg on livestock vaccination held

ZEDUA, Nov 28: Thirty-eight trainees, including rural youths, school dropouts, farmers and farmwomen attended a training programme on ‘Importance of vaccination in livestock productions’, organised here by the Longding KVK on 28 November.
During the programme, animal science specialist Dr Tilling Tayo made a PowerPoint presentation on the topic.
Livestock are an indivisible part of (the lives of) the tribal people of Arunachal, and “farmers are trying their best to produce good numbers of livestock to cater to their needs of meat demand in markets as well as for their domestic consumption and to meet other financial burden,” Dr Tayo said.
“However,” he said, “they lack in healthcare aspect of livestock. Though they use tradition medicines to treat simple diseases like fever and diarrhoea, for viral-origin diseases like swine fever, FMD, marek, IBD, ranikhet and fowl pox, they do not have any remedy, which can only be prevented through vaccination.”
He said although viral diseases “can be mitigated by antibiotics to check secondary infection and other drugs, based on signs and symptom once an outbreak starts, it involves lots of money, time and manpower in treatment, and apart from that, the prognosis of viral disease is very uncertain,” Dr Tayo informed.
He advised the farmers to follow the livestock vaccination schedule as a preventive measure against the outbreak of viral diseases, “without much change in the traditional method of rural livestock production.”
Advocate Langto Wangpan spoke on the importance of livestock vaccination, while ex-GPM Manjaw Wangpan urged the KVK staff to provide more advice to the farmers of Zedua for overall higher production in agriculture and allied sectors.
Farmers’ club president Nokchak Wangsu also spoke.