Damin connected with motorable road

KOLORIANG, Dec 13: Remote Damin circle in Kurung Kumey district has been connected with a motorable road after the BRO completed the remaining 28 km stretch of the Koloriang-Damin road last month.
Damin is located about 100 kms north of the district headquarters here.
“Opening a motorable road up to Damin was a challenging task due to frequent disruption of young and unsettled Himalayan strata because of perennial rainfall,” the BRO stated in a release.
It said the road would prove to be a cornerstone in the development of one of the remotest areas of Arunachal when it becomes a part of the “Arunachal frontier highway.”
Besides the development of the area, the people of Damin will not have to wait anymore for air-dropping of ration items after the opening of the road, the BRO said.
“The public of Damin can now enjoy transport facility, and thus the locals now no longer have to travel on foot even for fetching mundane items,” said former panchayat leader Bamang Yakap.
Meanwhile, the BRO said the road ahead of Huri, which also involves launching of a 200 feet Bailey bridge over the Kumey river, would be made motorable this financial year.