KAI yet to be officially informed of de-affiliation by IOA: Tara

ITANAGAR, Jan 5: Though a report of de-recognizing of the Karate Association of India (KAI) by the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) appeared in some national print media, KAI president Likha Tara said he has not yet received any official letter from the IOA to this effect.
According to a report, the IOA in its annual general body meeting recently took the decision to de-affiliate the KAI over the latter’s alleged failure to “follow the principles of good governance.”
Tara said he himself heard about it from the media.
“I have not yet received any letter from the IOA officially in this regard. I only heard it from the media,” Tara told this daily over telephone.
He said he would not accept the reported decision until he receives an official letter in this regard.
Tara also said that he is unable understand what prompted the IOA to make the (reported) drastic move.
“Is it because of the fact that a northeasterner is holding the post of the president of a national sports body that this kind of action is being initiated?” he questioned.
The KAI had scheduled its election for 23 September. But before the election could be held, the IOA constituted a three-member ad-hoc committee.
Delay in the election process, the expiry of the KAI’s tenure, and issues over the appointment of the returning officer were stated to be the reasons for forming the three-member ad-hoc committee, whose mandate was to ensure a fair and transparent election process within 120 days.
However, the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) charter stipulates that any action or formation of an ad-hoc committee of a national sports federation has to be carried out with the consent of the world body.
Thereafter, the KAI election took the litigation route, and it was only in January 2019 that the KAI election was held and Tara was elected as its president.
Subsequently, World Karate Federation (WKF) president Antonio Espinos wrote to the union sports ministry, as well as to the IOA, on 1 April, 2019, officially informing them that the WKF accepted and approved the 8 January, 2019 election.
It is worth mentioning here that KAI president Tara became the vice-president of the Commonwealth Karate Federation (CKF) late last year. The post was offered to him by the CKF in view of his “dedication, sincerity and passion for the sport.”