Ranking badminton tourney concludes

DOIMUKH, Jan 7: LC Sherdang and Kenbi Riram clinched the boys’ and girls’ U-19 singles title, respectively, of the first Junior, Sub-Junior and U-19 Ranking Badminton Tournament, which concluded at the millennium indoor stadium here in Papum Pare district on Tuesday.
Sherdang defeated Dai Weshi, while Riram beat Gunzan Gongo in the finals.
The duo of Kirto Nyorak and Dolma Tamang won the mixed doubles (U-19) title, beating Bikram Gurung and Nisha Upadhayaya in the final.
Attending the closing ceremony, public leader Nabam Vivek commended the Arunachal State Badminton Association (ASBA) for conducting the tournament in Doimukh, “thereby providing an opportunity to the budding badminton players of Papum Pare district in particular and the state as a whole.”
He also exhorted the youths of the state to opt for sports as a profession.
ASBA secretary-general Bamang Tago called for “collective efforts by the stakeholders, including leaders, parents, entrepreneurs, district administrations and other public institutions, for development of badminton and other sports in Arunachal.”
Former AAPSU leader and international karate gold medallist, Takam Tatung, said “commitment and dedication are essential for anyone to excel as a sportsperson.”
The complete results:
XD U-19: Winner: Kirto Nyorak and Dolma Tamang, Runners-up: Bikram Gurung and Nisha Upadhayaya, 3rd: Raj Thapa and Kenbi Riram, 3rd: HS Taku and Jomoni Lochung.
GS U-19: Winner: Kenbi Riram, Runners- up: Gunzan Gongo, 3rd: Nisha Upadhayaya, 3rd: Jomoni Lochung.
BS U-19: Winner: LC Sherdang, Runners-Up: Dai Weshi, 3rd: Bamang Penko, 3rd: Bikram Gurung.
GD U-17: Winner: Napi Tayam and Taku Neha, Runners-up: Tayo Ana and Tayo Rini, 3rd: Kusum Chetry and Purnima Sopung, 3rd: Bipi Gamlin and Gunzan Gongo.
BD U-17: Winner: Rakju Rigia and Robin Laa, Runners-up: Changha Siyang and Taming Kunyu, 3rd: Biki Tassuk and Sonam P Damo, 3rd: Eshanso Bellai and Pem D Dingla.
GS U-17: Winner: Dolma Tamang, Runners-up: Gunzan Gongo, 3rd: Montilly Pul, 3rd: Kenbi Riram.
BS U-17: Winner: Robin Laa, Runners-up: LC Sherdang, 3rd: Kayin Doming, 3rd: Pakli Bagra.
BD U-15: Winner: Dai Weshi & HS Taku, Runners-up: Gejum Riram & Nima Tenzing, 3rd: Khyoda Taking & Taku Manku, 3rd: Gesom Potom & Pakli Bagra.
GS U-15: Winner: Dolma Tamang, Runners-up: Taku Neha, 3d: Napi Tayam, 3rd: Montilly Pul.
BS U-15: Winner: Pakli Bagra, Runners-up: Kayin Doming, 3rd: Laa Robin, 3rd: Dai Weshi.
BD U-13: Winner: Khyoda Taking & Taku Manku, Runners-up: Jarmar Koyu & Tseten Gyurmey, 3rd: Gunveer Gongo & Licha Gumsh, 3rd: Nabam Isaac & Nabam Oken.
GS U-13: Winner: Beryl M Saring, Runners-up: Sonam Choten, 3rd: Khoda Punya, 3rd: Ibi Riram.
BS U-13: Winner: Nabam Isaac, Runners-up: Jarmar Koyu, 3rd: Mejum Likar, 3rd: Taku Manku.
GS U-11: Winner: Hema Jebisow, Runners-up: Ingam Basar, 3rd: Nido Yam, 3rd: Laa Nanu.
BS U-11: Winner: Loki Gollo, Runners-up: Licha Gumsh, 3rd: Nabam Oken, 3rd: Dopum Neri.
BD U-9: Winner: Licha Polu & Pramod Joshi, Runners-up: Biki Daniel & Nilo Bam, 3rd: Himanshu Chauhan & Radhe Donya, 3rd: Kholie Zeeda Tara & Ligam Angu.
BS U-9: Winner: Licha Polu, Runners-up: Pramod Joshi, 3rd: Himanshu Chauhan, 3rd: Dopum Neri.