APCC demands immediate withdrawal of CAA

ITANAGAR, Jan 12: Following the official notification of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), 2019, on 10 January, the Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) has demanded its immediate withdrawal.
“Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP’s visionless policies and programmes have already destroyed the country in every aspect. The BJP has ruined the very idea of India. The country’s economy and GDP is at the lowest worst; unemployment is highest in 45 years; failure in women safety and security has brought international embarrassment. However, PM Modi and the BJP are still determined
in their attempts at dividing the nation by being adamant with the CAA,” the APCC said in a release on Sunday evening.
Terming the CAA “divisive, communal, anti-people and anti-constitutional,” the APCC said “the entire country is agitating, resisting and protesting against the CAA but Modi and the BJP chose to deal this with force and police brutality.”
The state Congress condemned the “savage use of state power,” and said “common people, senior citizens and students have been paraded like criminals and beaten up mercilessly on roads, campuses, and in custody.”
“As many as 25 people have lost their lives to police and BJP hooligans’ brutality across the country for exercising their constitutional rights. As the country continues to burn, Modi and the BJP have the audacity to go ahead to notify the CAA and continue to defend their unconstitutional action by murdering the constitution – the soul of the country,” it said.