‘River puja’ conducted in run-up to YRF

RANAGHAT, Jan 27: The second phase of the ‘Yomgo river accord and river puja’ was conducted and performed at Ranaghat, near Kabu village, in West Siang district on Monday, in the run-up to this year’s edition of the Yomgo River Festival (YRF).
The ‘Yomgo river accord’ was taken up with people residing along the Sipu river (a tributary of the Yomgo), from Rigo village to Sipu bridge point, clearing all debris and wastes along the rivers’ banks.
The ‘accord’ is an effort at conserving the aquatic life in the river and cleaning up its banks in order to create a people- and eco-friendly atmosphere, so that the sanctity of the river, which has sustained the tribal society through the ages, is maintained. This ‘accord’ is being taken up in various locations in the district.
The day also witnessed a ‘river puja’, conducted under the initiative of priest Mogi Ori, to invoke the river god’s blessings for the wellbeing of all who are involved in the celebration.
The site plan and events at the venue are being managed by Wild Flower Production, led by Karry Padu and Pinky Veo, while Orchids, led by Bhanu Sora, is the event manager of YRF-2020.
Officials and staffs of all the government departments in West Siang, led by DC Swetika Sachan, also conducted a cleanliness drive at the festival venue. (DIPRO)