Coronavirus: Namsai admin to screen commuters at Dirak gate

NAMSAI, Feb 1: The Namsai district administration said it will be conducting strict checking at the Dirak check gate and screen all commuters from outside the state, especially those who have travelled to countries affected by the novel coronavirus.
Commuters will have to fill up ‘surveillance forms’ at the gate, and in case any suspected cases are found, the persons will be quarantined in locations identified by the administration, it said.
The decision was taken during an emergency meeting convened by Namsai EAC Ribi Karlo here on Saturday.
During the meeting, District Surveillance Officer (IDSP) Dr CM Thamoung made a presentation on the global health crisis which is currently affecting millions of lives in China and is rapidly spreading across the world.
Dr Thamoung enumerated the safeguards one can take for one’s safety, and informed that an advisory from the district magistrate will be circulated among the public leaders, village authorities, government offices and hotels.
The principals/heads of educational institutions will be instructed to read out the advisory in the morning assembly, and IEC materials will be displayed at prominent public places, the surveillance officer said. (DIPRO)