Donggin festival celebrated with fervour

ITANAGAR/AALO, Feb 2: The Adis on Sunday celebrated Donggin festival with traditional fervour and gaiety.
Joining the celebration here, Civil Aviation Director Tamiyo Tatak urged the younger generation to carry forward the unique cultural identity of the tribal community.
He advised them to “strictly follow the PPP rule of protecting, preserving and promoting” the tradition and culture of the community.
Quoting the famous saying, ‘Loss of culture is loss of identity’, Panchayati Raj Joint Director Jalash Pertin emphasized on the importance of speaking one’s mother tongue in daily life.
“It is high time that we guard and protect our culture and traditions,” he said, and urged the people to not dilute their and culture in the name of modernity.
ABK president Getom Borang appealed to the people to “respect and preserve their culture and traditions through cultural celebrations.”
The IPR department’s Finance & Accounts Officer Mame Garu also spoke.
Folk and traditional group dances performed by various cultural troupes were the other highlights of the celebration.
Prizes to the winners and the runners-up of the volleyball (men’s) and cultural competitions, which were organised as part of the celebration, were also distributed on the occasion.
The festival was also celebrated in West Siang HQ Aalo.
Attending the festival, Geku-Mariyang MLA Kangong Taku said: “Our culture, faith, belief, practices are manifested in the form of festival and age-old folklores need to be preserved at any cost.”
Aalo Town Peoples’ Development & Welfare Society secretary Kirdo Ete said “culture gives us a distinct identity, and the onus of responsibility now rests on the shoulders of the younger generation to protect, preserve and propagate it.”
He appealed to the members of the community residing in Aalo to “focus more on education and come forward to fight against drug menace and alcoholism.”
Celebration committee president Chai Padu and others highlighted the significance and mythological aspects of Donggin. (DIPRO)