APSCW seeks separate plan head, financial autonomy

ITANAGAR, Feb 18: The Arunachal Pradesh State Commission for Women (APSCW) has urged the state government to create a separate plan head for the commission’s financial autonomy and effective functioning.
Presenting a 25-point charter of suggestions to the government during the pre-budget consultative meeting held here on Monday, the APSCW said “the resource allocation for APSCW ought to be made under a separate plan head to facilitate the growth and effective functioning of quasi-judicial body with functional and financial autonomy.”
It said the APSCW requires an independent head of account for timely transactions of day-to-day financial matters. Presently, the commission is dependent on grant-in-aid being provided by the women & child development department.
The commission also suggested creating a family court and a fast-track court in the state to ensure speedy trials and effective implementation of the existing laws, especially for the safety of women and children.
Other suggestions of the commission include immediate steps to be taken by the government to declare a crusade against drugs, opium and alcohol addiction among the youths; free and compulsory education for girl children till graduation; establishment of a women’s development corporation for economic development and empowerment of the state’s women; construction of a working women’s hostel; a special housing scheme for women; creation of adequate posts; and enhancement of grant-in-aid of the APSCW.