Highway maintenance work still pending as end of work season approaches

Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Feb 21: Maintenance work on the Papu-Yupia-Hoj-Potin stretch of the Trans-Arunachal Highway (TAH) is yet to start, despite the passing of over a month since the PWD highway had given assurance that the work would begin.
The inordinate delay, even with the tenders having been awarded against the stretch (divided into three packages – Papu to Yupia (Package A); Yupia to Hoj (Package B); and Hoj to Potin (Package C) – is worrisome as the work season will soon be coming to an end.
A highway department official informed that “the tender processes for Packages A and C have been completed but work is yet to begin as the firms which have been awarded the works have not submitted their performance security.”
According to officials of the department, Tama Fabrication won the bid for the Papu-Yupia section (Package A), while North India Engineering won the bid for the Hoj-Potin section (Package C).
The Yupia-Hoj section (Package B), which had earlier been re-tendered by the PWD, was “recently finalized,” they said. The earlier tender had to be cancelled as only one firm had placed a bid during the tender process.
“Tender has been recently awarded, but the letter of acceptance has not been issued to the firm as the department has to first send the proposal to the ministry of road transport and highways for approval,” the highway officials said, adding that the entire process “may take time.”
The officials informed that, as per the rules, the firms which have been awarded the work have 60 days to submit their performance security, before they can begin work.
“The department is concerned about the delay too, but we cannot expect things to rush at this point because the whole process takes time. The bids for Packages A and C were awarded in December last year, and the firms still have much time to submit the performance security,” the officials said.
Acknowledging the people’s concern, the department said it would ensure that the work is carried out as per the prescribed standards.
“It all depends on the firms which have been awarded the work to ensure that maintenance work is carried out soon, because the department will not allow the firms to start work once the work season comes to an end,” the officials said.